Saturday, 26 September 2009

Calling all Japanese publishers....!

We hear that Neville is dying to get his book translated in to Japanese and on the bookshelves in Tokyo and Osaka.  He's got quite a fan base in Japan where his Special Beat combo has toured over and over again.  They're very keen on ska in Japan.  The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has something like 600,000 views for its songs on YouTube.  And when they dress the part of rude boys and rude girls, they really go for it.  Even some of the old Jamaican ska bands tour in Japan, guaranteed a good audience.  It's not just a kitschy thing - they really know their ska over there.  So, here's hoping that 'Original Rude Boy' gets translated and flogged in the land of the rising sun.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Little bit of trouble at Luton gig...

Neville Staple, Pauline Black and The Beat were playing in Luton last Saturday at an open air gig which was very well attended.  But things got a big out of hand when security guards started throwing members of the audience around like they were rag dolls.  Staple stood with the audience and using his mike urged the security guards to calm down.  It did look for a while like a good old fashioned ruck - 80s style - was about to break out.  But the whole thing calmed down.  Still, there's a lot of youth unrest out there at the moment - is this a sign of things to come?  Our mole tells us that Coventry boxer Errol Christie was in the audience - he's about to bring out his biography hot on the heels of Neville's "Original Rude Boy".  Let's how that reads.  There may be some overlap as the guys hung around in some of the same places though Christie is a decade younger. 

Friday, 4 September 2009

£1.5m going in to Neville Staple movie - breaking news

My spies tell me that the planned Neville Staple movie has a £1.5m backer and production will start in a few months - probably early 2010.  Anybody who has details - drop us a line.  The rights to the movie have been held by EMU Films and the screenwriter is Tony McMahon.  More than that - we know nothing.  All gossip gratefully received.